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Why Use Eco Paints?

Conventional paints can contain solvents and biocides such as formaldehyde and also other petrochemical components which can have an adverse affect on human health and the environment.

In the past VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) were necessary in the make up of paints. VOCs are emitted from solids and liquids which also contain a carbon chain. Many carbon containing substances are extremely volatile and can build up in indoor spaces.

Paint containing high VOCs can release toxic emissions for years after application. However, due to changing technology, paints no longer need solvents and high VOCs for a high performance.

According to European standards, an environmentally friendly paint should contain less than 5% VOCs. There is no longer any difference between Eco paints and conventional solvent based paints either in application or durability.

There is however, a difference in the toxic emissions released into the atmosphere and in the effect on the environment.

Eco paints include: